Backflow Inspections Orange County

County Certified Backflow Inspections Orange County. A premier provider of code required annual Backflow inspections based in Costa Mesa CA. We offer device testing services and our inspectors are fully licensed, insured and most of all– ethical and honest.

Backflow Inspections Orange CountyThis is one of the highest forms of cross contamination protection. An RP protects against back siphonage and back-pressure. It also protects against pollutants (non-health hazard) and contaminants (health hazard). These devices are most commonly seen on domestic, irrigation and industrial applications. They consist of two check valves and a relief valve . This is really “Triple Protection!” Other common names for the Reduced Pressure Principle device are—RP, RPDA, and RPZ
Backflow Device Testing Orange CountyA DCDA backflow device is most commonly seen on a fire sprinkler system. A DCDA protects against back siphonage and back pressure, but only against pollutants (non-health hazard). If sprinkler water were to ever get back into the potable water supply, it may smell bad, but it is not likely to cause any health issues.
Orange County Backflow InspectionsA PVB backflow device is not widely utilized anymore. However, there are still thousands in service. An PVB protects against back siphonage only, but against pollutants (non-health hazard) and contaminants (health hazard). These are typically allowed to stay in service as long as they are operational or repairable; but should they need replacement, typically an RP is the necessary replacement.
Backflow Prevention Orange CountyAn SVB backflow device works just like the PVB, with the obvious difference being that no water is ever spilled as it “breaks the vacuum.” These are typically seen in areas where a no spill condition is necessary. You can find these in supermarket produce departments, food processing facilities, and other indoor applications.