Orange County Certified Backflow

Orange County Certified Backflow Terms

Terms and Conditions

We keep our Orange County Certified backflow terms and conditions simple. No legal jargon, no tricks, no traps.




Passing devices

• We will test and certify your backflow devices as requested by you, our customer per the notice you received from your water agency

• When your device passes, we will send you an invoice.

• Please pay that invoice promptly, as we will send the report to the proper agencies once payment is made

▪ By law, we have 10 business days to submit the report to the following agencies

▪ Your local water supplier

▪ The Orange County Department of Public Health

▪ If for any reason, you need more time (on vacation for example), let us know; we will call the water agency and buy you  more time (they are typically very accommodating)

Failing backflow devices

• If your device fails, and you ask us to “Just pass it”- we won’t, so don’t ask.

▪ We, along with our children drink this water too. We take clean water seriously!

▪ We invested significant money and time in our company- the money we earn from your test is not worth throwing that away or going to jail for.

▪ The water agencies are very diligent about “spot checking” the licensed testers

• If we “Just passed” your device, there is always the chance that the water agency will, unbeknownst to us, also test your device to make sure we:

▪ Actually tested it

▪ The results are compatible with the report we submitted

• If we test your backflow prevention device, and it fails to meet the minimum standards, we will immediately notify you

▪ We will send you the failed report (we must also send the two above agencies the failed report)

▪ We will also send a device repair quote

▪ If you accept the quote, we will repair and certify the device promptly

▪ If you choose to shop for a better price (you will likely not find one), good for you; we like the best price too!



• We will warranty all parts and labor for a period of 1 year

▪ If your our repairs fail within 1 year of our repair, we will correct the issue at no charge to you


• Our liability to you and your device is limited to the cost of certification and/or repairs

• If there is an issue due to negligence on our part, we have GL insurance for that ($1,000,000/$2,000,000 aggregate). However, we did not manufacture your device, nor have we been there 24/7 to make sure it was maintained properly.

• We have done our level best to keep this document, ourselves and our customers out of the legal system. If you are a litigious person who likes to sue for no good reason, please choose another company.